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The Only Exercise You Need to Look Amazing in Any Bridesmaid Dress

High-cut halter-neck dresses conceal cleavage — which means they let your shoulders do the talking. To make sure they have something to say, try dive bomber push-ups.

Full Body Crazy 8’s Workout

Complete each exercise once with 8 repetitions each. Pair this workout with this 10 week workout plan for maximum results! 8 Jumping Jacks 8 Bicycle Crunches 8 Mountain Climbers 8 Squats 8 Push Ups 8 Lunges 8 Burpees 8 Tricep Dips Demos: Burpees: Begin in a standing position. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Now, …

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Yas! Officially starting a new program tonight that has me soooo excited! Mums the word until I'm thru the 60 days with progress photos to show for it. Cannot wait to see the end result!